The concept
10 winemakers, one philosophy

Champagne Terroirs etC. is a group of 10 independent winegrowers who decided to join together to make known their unique champagnes during national and international events. They would like to present their own philosophy: champagnes made from A to Z in the respect for the expression of their terroir. Their champagnes are the reflect, the footprint of a soil and a subsoil and a traditional know-how in spite of the trends.

They work their vineyards in respect for environment (several are High Environmental Value) and make each their champagnes in their own tanks' room in elaborating them the most natural possible.
All are stemming from several generations of winegrowers, they are native of different villages, spread in Champagne. But they share this desire to make taste their typical or even atypical champagnes (if we compare them with numerous houses) to public and to professionals.


Because the Champagne is not only a sparkling wine, but an ally of so many small daily, exceptional or even rare pleasures, they decided to celebrate it every year differently through a theme. Hence the word « etc. »: suspension points used at the end of a sentence imply a continuation, a reference, a complicity with the one whom we address, an effect awaited. What they want to create.

« Etc. » will come every year with a theme beginning with a « C » in « Et C... » (means And C...). The word will be revealed every year at the time of « Le Printemps des Champagnes » in April. It will accompany the 10 winegrowers the whole year with surprises, special tastings, and even guests in correlation.


The theme chosen for their official launch in November, 2015 is « Complicity »: the first word which comes when we taste a glass of wine and more still when we share a flute of champagne. The champagne is not only a great reference to celebrations, but also to friendship, promiscuity, affinities, smiles, laughters and links. It also means understanding and respecting each other.
The word « Complicity » was obvious: it reveals the nature of the relation which 10 winegrowers want to have with amateurs, professional of wine and journalists who will come to their contact, as well as their future and current partners.