Champagne Albert Beerens

Champagne Albert Beerens

Albert Beerens

Champagne Albert Beerens, a family estate since 1862, works in respect of its environment with Terra Vitis certification and is a member of the Vignerons Indépendants de Champagne. On a 7-hectare estate, the domain cultivates 5 grape varieties, on 4 crus of the Côte des Bar.

Anne-Laure Beerens, a winegrower attached to her vineyard, has inherited her ancestral strength and will. Her grand Mother Lucette Poissenot, a woman of character & her father Albert Beerens, a committed winemaker who developed the vineyard, are models that inspired her temperament & dedication.

As a worthy heir to her ancestors, Anne-Laure has taken over the family estate, which she developed with Olivier Desfossé, who brings his agronomic mastery and his art of winemaking. Marie-Eve Beerens has recently joined this duo, to form a true complementary trio, driven by passion, earth, sharing & thus forming the 6th generation.

From this culture result 6 elegant & refined Champagnes, with multiple medals. Vinified in a stainless steel vat room, with ageing in oak tuns and jars, the vintages reflect all the expressions of the Côte des Bar.

By visiting the cellars, you will be able to immerse yourself in this wine world by understanding the entire production process, from pressing to vinification with a panoramic view of the vineyard during the tasting.